Catching up with August: Part I

August went by in a blur -- not just because I traveled to two conferences and visited family,¬† but also because I was battling upper respiratory symptoms. I powered through several days, then spent many days in bed on antibiotics, and had a handful of days where I felt like my old self... until the … Continue reading Catching up with August: Part I

“Standoff” appears in Aquifer: The Florida Review Online

Hey, y'all. It's been awhile, what with school ending and summer travel kicking in and lots of reading, writing and gardening... I put this news out on social media at the time, but not here, so now I'm letting the blogosphere know that on May 28th another essay of mine - "Standoff" - was published … Continue reading “Standoff” appears in Aquifer: The Florida Review Online

“What A Bullet Can Do”

Here it is: "What A Bullet Can Do," another essay about an unintentional shooting from my childhood, in which I write about various works of literature that helped me, as an adult, to process the shooting and its aftermath. Along the way, readers learn¬† more about what happened and the particular ways in which this … Continue reading “What A Bullet Can Do”

Read “The Gun Show” here

Well, here I am putting a deeply personal essay here for all the world to see, and it feels a little dangerous. Some of my writer friends, especially those writing memoir, essays, and all manner of creative nonfiction, will understand what I'm talking about. The Gun Show appeared in print in The Southeast Review in … Continue reading Read “The Gun Show” here

Headed to HippoCamp 2018!

This August 24-26th I'll be attending a writer's conference known as HippoCamp for the first time and leading a breakout session with my partner Parker Blaney. The session is called Writing Home. HippoCamp is in its fourth year and is an outgrowth of Hippocampus Magazine, a terrific journal founded by Donna Talarico. It publishes only … Continue reading Headed to HippoCamp 2018!